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General specifications for PIMD-01, PIMD-02, PIMD-03, PIMD-04

DESCRIPTION : Twin Shaft Mixer - Disperser with inclined disperser/cowl disc.

Model Capacity

Standard Machines with following working capacities are avaliable. Liters : 10 Ltrs to 15000 Ltrs. However specific capacity to suit process requirement could be supplied as tailormade machine..

Mixing Vessels:

Style: Jacketed / Non Jacketed Mounting Arrgt: Supported on Legs or Lug Support. Shape: Conical or dished end bottom for easy and quick product discharge.

M.O.C wetted parts:

Steel / S. S. 304 / S.S. 316 or Any specific material requirement could be supplied on request.


Both the mixing and disperser can be supplied with fixed speed or variable speed drive. The horse power shall be different for different models and your process requirement.

Mixing Arms and Disperser:

Mixing is provided with Anchor Strirrer with PTEF/UMMWHDPE continous scrapper for side and bottom.

These cater to varity of processes such as - Dry Blending, Wet Blending, Homogenising, Dispersion, Grinding Particle size reducing etc.

Machine Model No. PIMD 01
High Speed Mixers and Dispersers for paint & Coating, Cosmetics, Chemicals
  • This model is simple in assembly and hence cost effective economical.

  • Dead volumes in the vessel are very high.
  • Small batch size less than 75% of rated capacity cannot be effectively processed.
  • Dispersion time is more.
  • Only cowl disc type disperser can be provided due to inclined mounting
  • The bearings need changing frequently for high speed shaft.
  • Powder charging can be done only when anchor stirrer is in working condition and the dispersion is in stationery condition.
  • Powder dusting on top of vessel is very high.
Machine Model No. PIMD-02
High Speed Mixers and Dispersers for paint & Coating, Cosmetics, Chemicals
  • With marginal price increase Stator / Rotor type disperser can be supplied.
  • At dead volue, disperser can be started for powder charging.
  • Vibrations are less.
  • Very close clearance in microns in Stator Rotor results in particle size reduction.

  • Powder can remain unmixed possibly above the discharge value zone.
  • Small batch size less than 75% of rated capacity cannot be effectively processed.
  • Dead volumes are high.

Machine Model No. PIMD - 03
  • Universal Model.
  • Uniform vortex exactly at the centre of vessel which results in less dusting of powder charged.
  • Dead volume are very low i.e. approx. 10% of maximum working volume could be reduced upto 5% base on case to case capacity.
  • Powder can be charged only when disperser is in operation which results in quick wetting and high shear of the product.
  • Vessel has no dry powder zone in dished end area.
  • Vortex developed by disperser when anchor stirrer is working simultaneously which results in high quality grinding dispersion at high viscosity.
  • Disperser (Stator/Rotor or Cowl Disc) can be dismantled from outside of vessel and elimaination hazards of disassembly of disperser from in side slippery surfaces of vessel.
  • Belt drive provisions protects motor during overload.
  • Totally vibration free machine.
  • Very effective for processing small batches in large capacity machine.
  • Reduces or eliminates ball milling or sand milling operation.

Machine Model No. PIMD-04
  • Disperser is mounted on separate hydraulically lifting and swivelling column.
  • Every vessel has its own anchor stirrer hence after completion of batch, the slurry can be kept under slow agitation for packing purpose, and at the same time the fresh batch can be started in other vessel.
  • Advantageous for higher production rates.
  • Machine can be supplied with 4 Nos. vessels maximum.
  • Most suitable for product which requires no further size reduction processes viz. Sand Milling Triple Roll Mill.

  • Less economical model due to additional features as noted above. However the economy of sales due to higher production rates could be faster worth nothing

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